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Housing your hamster and choosing a cage

Traditional wire hamster cages have two advantages

The wire sides of the hamster cage provide a climbing frame for your hamster, and if there is one thing hamsters like to do its climb. They also provide good ventilation, which helps with respiratory diseases. If you choose to buy a wire hamster cage, make sure it has a deep base made form plastic – the deeper the better – you can then fill this nice and deep to satisfy your hamsters natural digging instincts. However do not choose this if you have a cat at home, as the cat can easily get their claws through the wire and injury your hamster or even kill it.

Hamster tanks just like Gerbilariums

Glass or plastic aquarium style tanks also make great hamster homes, provided they are secure with a well ventilated lid. They provide good visibility, are cat proof and easy to clean, and can accommodate a good depth of shavings for your hamster to burrow in without any spillage. You must be aware that good ventilation is important so choose a tank with good ventilation in the lid. If you choose an aquarium style hamster tank then cleaning is very important to keep down the smell of urine which releases ammonia and is harmful to your hamster. You should also provide hamster toys which your pet can use to climb onm to keep them fit and healthy.

Stacking or linking systems such as Rotastak

These extendable hamster homes made up of linked plastic sections are designed to mimic a wild hamsters burrow. You can connect as many rooms as you like with plastic tubing, enabling your hamster to have a separate bedroom, larder and playroom, as they would have in their burrows in the wild. Older hamsters occasionally grow too big to manoeuvre through the tubes in comfort, but fit youngsters will no doubt benefit from the exercise opportunities.

Rotastak pink palace hamster cages

Choose a suitable site for your hamster cage

Do not stand the hamsters cage in direct sun, or in a draughty place. It should not be placed on the floor either, but on a sturdy table, shelf or stand. Choose somewhere quiet so that the hamsters daytime sleep will not be disturbed. Temperature is also a factor when choosing a place to locate your hamsters home – a comfortable living room temperature for humans suits hamsters just fine. In a unheated room or shed will cause the hamsters to hibernate so avoid this.

Hamster cage size

Hamsters use separate areas for eating, sleeping, playing and toilet purposes and are very clean creatures, so they need space. The minimum recommended size should be at least 25cm (10inch) by 40cm (16inch) by 25cm (10inch) but the bigger the hamster cage the better.

deep fill hamster cages

Chewing away

Hamsters gnaw all the time to maintain dental health, so hamster cages need to be able to stand up to the gnawing, wooden cages went out of fashion for this reason, but not all plastic hamster cages are safe, check for vulnerable spots on the lids, or your hamster will chew is way out.

Upstairs downstairs

Wire cages often have two storeys, and some tanks are fitted with a shelve which is accessible from a ladder, its worth picking a hamster cage with an extra floor to give your pet adequate living space. Plastic ladders are likely to be chewed away quite quickly, so a more durable metal ladder is preferable.

2 storey hamster cages

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Gerbils are widely known for their chewing and gnawing, which is why gerbilariums are a perfect alternative to a gerbil cage. The Rosewood Abode Gerbilarium is made from strong, durable plastic which can withstand gerbils’ gnawing while providing a safe and light environment for your gerbil to leave in. What’s more, these gerbilariums only feature a few bars on the roof of the tank to provide ventilation – highly reducing the likelihood of your gerbil chewing the bars.

Gerbilariums Should Feature Space to Burrow

Gerbilariums should always feature an adequate area to fill with sawdust or sand where your gerbil can dig and burrow. Besides the option to burrow, gerbils should also be given bedding that they can ‘nest’ in – specialised gerbil bedding or even shredded kitchen roll works perfectly. Avoid using newspapers and cotton wool – newspaper ink is toxic and cotton wool can cause a blockage if swallowed.
It should also contain a designated sleeping area for your gerbil which is sheltered from light; gerbils go through several waking and sleeping patterns through the day so their sleeping area should be as private and cosy as possible.
When it comes to the issue of chewing bars, it may not always be practical to buy a fully plastic gerbilarium. Placing chew toys and treats in your gerbilarium or cage will help to keep your gerbil occupied and prevent them from chewing the bars. Please be aware that if a gerbil does chew on the bars of their cage, it can damage their teeth – not to mention being very noisy so bare this in mind if your gerbilarium will be placed in a bedroom.

Great Value Pet Supplies

Gerbilariums should be placed out of direct sunlight in rooms where there isn’t too much noise. Harsh temperature changes should also be avoided; temperatures that are too low can send your gerbil into hibernation. Ideally gerbils should be kept in an environment of average room temperature – between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Here at The Pet Warehouse we take pride in our range of products and that includes our selection of gerbilariums. We are committed to providing an extensive variety that encompasses everything your pet could need. Take a look at our gerbilariums and gerbil products and see how our great value products can help you create the perfect home for your gerbil.

Top Quality Gerbilariums

Hamster Tunnel Cage

Top Quality Gerbilariums!

A gerbilarium is a pet cage that has been specifically designed with gerbils in mind; providing them with plenty of space for the things they love to do. The key difference between gerbilariums and other cages such as hamster and mouse cages is that gerbilariums provide plenty of depth that allow gerbils to burrow. As they would do this in the wild, it is essential that your gerbil is given the freedom to burrow; not only does it keep them happy but it provides them with exercise too! Gerbilariums need to simulate a gerbil’s natural environment so it’s important that when you’re looking for a cage that it has this feature.

Gerbils Need Space To Play and Burrow

Gerbils are easy to care for and can become very time when handing correctly and regularly. Social animals, they enjoy the company of other gerbils and humans; though gerbils should be kept in single sex groups to prevent an unexpected litter on your hands! Gerbils can also become territorial so remember to introduce gerbils to each other gradually.
If you do choose to keep your gerbil as a solitary pet, there are plenty of gerbilariums that offer a range of features to keep your pet happy – and that includes the range available from The Pet Warehouse! Our gerbilariums benefit from a designated sleeping area to provide your gerbil with a warm and cosy place to sleep and hide; a ladder to the higher level to encourage exercise and an all plastic tank with plenty of space and depth for your gerbil to burrow for hours!
Of course you want to buy the highest quality products for your pet and you can rest assured that all of the pet supplies available from The Pet Warehouse are manufactured to the highest standards. This is especially important when looking for gerbilariums; gerbils are highly enthusiastic chewers and can make their way through pretty much anything – but that’s not a problem because all of our tanks are extra strong and durable to withstand gerbils’ teeth and are virtually gnaw proof.

Discover our Excellent Range of Gerbilariums

Our gerbilariums are stylish and sleek so not only do they provide a fantastic home for your gerbil but they make as great feature in your home too! So why look anywhere else when the selection offered by The Pet Warehouse is expansive and, more importantly, excellent value – with huge savings from the retail price, you can’t afford to go anywhere else!

A Great Range of Gerbilariums


A Great Range of Gerbilariums

Gerbilariums are similar to hamster cages but with one main difference: they provide a large area deep enough for your gerbil to burrow. Gerbils love to dig so any cage which doesn’t allow space for this shouldn’t be used to house a gerbil. Not to mention the fact that their sharp teeth can chew through pretty much anything over time, which is why it’s important to purchase a cage which is specifically designed to withstand such gnawing!

Keep Your Pet Happy in a Gerbilarium

Even though gerbilariums give your pet space to burrow, gerbils are social creatures and if they are kept solitary they can easily get bored. There are plenty of ways in which you can help to keep your gerbil entertained, such as buying them toys such as tunnels, huts and chewable treats – take a look at our fantastic range for more inspiration. Hiding tasty treats in the sawdust in their gerbilariums is a good way to keep your gerbil happy, or why not take a rabbit bowl and place some chinchilla sand in the bottom? Not only will your gerbil love it but it helps to keep them clean too!
Keeping your gerbil happy doesn’t necessarily have to cost money though. There are plenty of ways around the home to keep your pet busy and entertained; empty toilet roll tubes and even toilet roll itself – provided that it is ink free – is great fun to your gerbil, they’ll love making bedding out of it, even if it won’t last too long!
Let your gerbil play in the bathtub and introduce toys that they only get to play with when they come out – this will help keep things interesting for your gerbil when they do come out of their gerbilarium

Unbeatable Choice and Quality

Here at The Pet Warehouse we stock a selection of gerbilariums which make a perfect home for your gerbil. Specially designed for their strength and durability against gnawing teeth and with ample space to burrow, our gerbilariums provide everything your pet needs to be happy and healthy. Our gerbilariums also feature the space to introduce two gerbils together gradually in case you decide to get a companion for your new pet!
So if you’re looking for the best quality gerbilariums and gerbil accessories, take a look around our website and you’re sure to find something you and your pet will love!

Choosing a decent gerbilarium



As with all pets, it’s essential to make sure that your gerbil is kept happy and healthy. One of the easiest and most important ways of doing this is to ensure that you invest in a decent gerbilarium; one that allows your pet to burrow to his heart’s content, provides a secluded area for sleep and plenty of entertainment and activities to keep him busy!

Our gerbilariums provide everything your pet needs to keep him healthy and active – so all you need to do is sit back and be entertained! Gerbils are social creatures and enjoy the company of their own kind and humans too; this is just one of the reasons why they make such great pets. Our gerbilariums provide plenty of room so, should you choose to buy another gerbil or breed your current pet; you want have to buy a new cage!

Gerbils are generally active during the day, so there’s no need to worry about their chewing keeping you awake! Because gerbils have such sharp teeth, it’s important to ensure that they are provided with toys/materials for them to keep their teeth worn down – otherwise they’ll find alternative things to chew on, which is often their cage! Though our gerbilariums are specifically designed for strength and durability against gerbils’ gnawing teeth, it’s a good idea to check around every now and again for signs of chewing. This is why toys are also important – it stops their attention wandering to escaping!

Most small rodents enjoy some type of wheel, including gerbils – though it’s important to purchase a wheel that is specifically designed for gerbils as they can trap their tails in wheels with bars. Wooden blocks and toys are always welcome with gerbils as they provide hours of entertainment and the perfect object on which to chew.

Another attraction of keeping gerbils as pets is the fact that they’re very clean; gerbilariums only require a thorough clean out about once every two or three weeks, though if they’re using one area as a toilet it will require cleaning more regularly.


So if you’re thinking of getting a gerbil as a pet, take a look at our gerbilariums and gerbil products for everything you could need to keep your new pet happy and healthy