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Once you set about looking, you’ll see that there are hundreds of different types of hamster cages. While some of these will feature everything you could possibly imagine that a hamster could need – with a price tag that you don’t! – there are plenty of hamster cages available on the market that just aren’t suitable homes for hamsters. Whether they’re too small or lack adequate ventilation, it’s vital that hamster cages follow certain requirements:

• Hamster cages should be larger than sixteen inches, though be aware if you’re buying a cage that is substantially larger than this, the hamster may be able to fit through the bars. This is something to be especially aware of when considering cages that are designed to house guinea pigs.
• Adequate ventilation is essential for all hamster cages; of course, with wire cages this isn’t a problem but some plastic models are largely enclosed – this can cause problems not only with ventilation but with heat too.
• An enclosed area should be available for your hamster to hide out of sight if they choose. Being nocturnal, hamsters need a cosy, dark area to sleep in during the day when surroundings are bright – then they can come out and play at night!
• When choosing a hamster cage, bear in mind the average temperature of the room it will be kept in. Is it draughty and cold, or does it get hot relatively easily? Hamsters should be kept out of draughts, so if the room is cold it’d be wise to invest in a plastic hamster cage. Whereas if the room is prone to heating up, a wire cage would probably be a better idea; hamster cages must ALWAYS be kept out of direct sunlight. If you’re in any doubt, consult your vet.

Choosing the right hamster cage

If a hamster is deprived of any of these fundamental needs they could become very stressed, which in turn makes them more likely to become aggressive and try to escape – which, when determined to do, a hamster will most likely achieve! Most hamster cages comply with all these requirements, and all the hamster cages that we provide most certainly do!

Here at The Pet Warehouse, we’re passionate about providing a comprehensive range of products to give you access to everything that your new pet could ever need. Take a look at our fantastic selection and discover how we can kit you out in preparation for your new pet!

Get Creative with our Hamster Homes!

hamster breeding

Get Creative with our Hamster Homes!

For a child, there’s nothing more exciting than getting a new pet. The anticipation of waiting for the day to arrive, shopping for all the equipment and food – then there’s all the accessories to choose from!

Here at The Pet Warehouse, we stock a huge variety of hamster cages and accessories so that you can create the very best environment for your new pet. Like all animals, it’s essential that hamsters have the resources to get plenty of exercise; the majority of our hamster homes include exercise wheels, food dishes and water bowls so you can get started straight away!

If you’re interested in providing more for your hamster though, we stock a great range of toys for your new pet to enjoy, including ladders, tubes and mini hamster homes for them to curl up nice and snug. Ladders are great for wire cages that consist of two or more levels – providing plenty of activity and the ability to get around will keep your hamster occupied for hours and makes for great entertainment too, especially for kids!

Hamster homes aren’t just about providing entertainment for your pet though. Hamsters have incredibly sharp teeth and very flexible bones – which adds up to a pet that can easily escape. And if they do, they’re not easy to catch!

That’s why all of our hamster homes and cages are designed not only with style in mind but security too; both our wire and plastic designs are manufactured to the highest quality to provide excellent durability that will prevent your pet from escaping.

Locating you new hamster home

To get the most out of your hamster homes it’s important to bear in mind other factors that will come into play once your new pet is settled in at home. Will the cage be placed near a draught, or in a noisy area? While children do delight in the antics of their pets, hamsters are entitled to a bit of peace and quiet too! It’s a good idea to make sure that hamster homes are out of direct contact with a busy stream of people.

Our fantastic variety of hamster homes and accessories means that you can get creative with your hamster’s new home and make him an exciting adventure park which can be swapped and changed as much as you want – we’re constantly adding to our range to provide you with the best choice and variety possible!

Hamster Cages – The Pet Warehouse Co

Hamster Tunnel Cage

Hamster Cages from the Pet Warehouse co

If you’re looking for that perfect home for your hamster, you’ve come to the right place! Here at The Pet Warehouse, we are passionate about providing you with a wide selection of top quality hamster cages and accessories to give your pet the best lifestyle possible.

All of our hamster cages are designed to keep your pet safe, secure and provide him with entertainment to keep him busy, active and healthy. Most of our hamster cages include exercise wheels, feeding bowls and water dishes – so you’ve got everything you need in one package!

When choosing the perfect hamster cage for your furry friend, it’s important to remember that they have very sharp teeth which, over time, can chew through pretty much anything! That’s why we provide two different types of hamster cages to allow you and your hamster to get the most out of his brand new home.

Traditional Hamster Cages

Wire hamster cages with a deep plastic base provide excellent visibility and a supply of fresh air for your hamster, in addition to benefitting from different levels for your hamster to enjoy. While wire hamster cages are pretty much impossible for your hamster to escape from, the open sided nature of the cage allows dust to get out of the cage so it’s important to bear this in mind if you or your child suffers from asthma or any other similar condition.

Plastic hamster cages, on the other hand, are fully contained and so trap all dust inside the cage. These tanks also offer excellent visibility which is perfect for children wanting to see what their pet is up to.
Both of these varieties of hamster cage are suitable for a whole range of accessories to provide your hamster with extra entertainment, such as tunnels, houses, baths etc. We provide a fantastic selection of products so that your hamster cage can be as exciting as you want; just remember to leave some space for your hamster!

The Petwarehouse Co

But why stop at buying a hamster cage? Keep your pet happy and healthy with our small animal grooming products, specifically designed to provide your hamster with a smooth, tangle-free coat – particularly important if your hamster is long-haired.
So when it comes to finding the perfect hamster cage, choose The Pet Warehouse for outstanding choice, quality and value.

Breeding Hamsters

hamster breeding

Hamster Breeding Hamsters- Think before you breed!

Before you start breeding hamsters the three rules are:

Understand and know why you have chosen to breed from this litter, and make sure you only breed from healthy well handled animals, and also consider what you are going to do with the baby hamsters once they are born.

Please don’t breed from your hamster unless you have a good reason to do so, there are so many hamsters being bred today with no good homes to go to so please don’t add to the number of unwanted pet hamsters.

Hamster Breeding Advice

Introducing male and female hamsters requires your up most attention

You should use a seperate ‘honeymoon cage’ for the introduction of a new hamster for breeding purposes, let them spend time there to get accustomed to each others scent. When the female is in season (indicated by slightly swollen genitals) bring her to the male hamster in his cage.

If the female hamster is ready to accept him, they will usually mate several times in rapid sucession, after which she must be removed. If she is not ready, they will fight. So be prepared to seperate them with gloved hands before any harm is done.

The female hamster is pregnant for 15 to 18 days, during this time the female will need extra food to feed the babies. The young are born blind and helpless. The avaerage litter size is usually six hamsters however it can range from one hamster to twenty one! Never disturb the nest or the mother may kill and eat her babies! You won’t have long to wait to see the young hamsters anyway!

The baby hamsters will grow up extremley fast and to support this growth they are going to need plenty of food. You should start to handle them as soon as possible when there eyes are open to give them a good start with becoming tame.

At 25 to 28 days, they should be fully weaned and the female hamster should then be removed, as soon as possible after this, thenm you should seperate them into singular sex groups to stop any fighting later on.

Hamster Breeding when are female hamsters in season?

Female Hamsters – Females usually come into season about every four days, when they will be receptive to the male hamster. Their body clock is primed to start at dusk, so introduce your female hamster to her mate in the evening time for the best breeding success. In general hamsters breed better in the warmer months summertime.

Hamsters make be ready to breed as young as four to six weeks old, but you should never let them breed so young as breeding from hamsters under 6 months old will stunt a female hamsters growth.

Different Breeds of Hamster

It should be taken into account also that some hamster varieties should NEVER be mated together – for instance breeding two black eyed whites produces a propotion of baby hamsters without eyes, while two satins produce ‘super satinized’ youngsters with very very thin coats. Seek advice from the breeders or hamster clubs if you are in any doubt about the breeding of hamsters.