What makes the Perfect Gerbilarium?

Though they are only small, gerbils have a complex range of needs which must be met in their living environment. Aside from requiring adequate space to run around and play, gerbils must be provided with an environment that allows them to dig – exactly as they would do in the wild. In most cases, cages designed for hamsters and mice aren’t suitable for gerbils as they lack burrowing space; they may also not be able to withstand the gnawing of gerbils’ teeth, which are incredibly strong. For this reason we strongly advise that you purchase a specialised gerbilarium that will suit your gerbil’s needs perfectly.

Gerbilariums Should Be Spacious and Light

The perfect gerbilarium will, as mentioned above, allow plenty of space to dig, run around and play. They should also include a secluded, shaded area where your gerbil can curl up and sleep in quiet and darkness. The gerbilarium you choose should be high quality and durable to withstand the gnawing and chewing for as long as possible – this is especially important if you own more than one gerbil or are planning on breeding a litter.

Of course, any gerbilarium should allow for plenty of light and ventilation to give your gerbil a good view of the surroundings. This helps them to feel safe and provides them with a much more pleasant living area than if they were stuck in a dark cage! Additionally, gerbilariums should at least be tall enough to allow your gerbil to stand on its hind legs; gerbils do this often and so your gerbilarium should cater for this – especially if it has two layers.

Ideally, gerbilariums should include at least one toy to keep your gerbil entertained. Something as simple as a ladder or chew toy will suffice enough to keep your gerbil occupied, though more toys should be provided if they live alone. Gerbils are social animals and enjoy the company of others of their own kind and humans too, so the more you handle your gerbil the tamer it will become.

Great Quality Gerbilariums at Great Value

Here at The Pet Warehouse we have a selection of top quality gerbilariums for sale which meet the above requirements and more. Perfect for any environment and offering excellent value, there really is no other store that provides such top quality gerbilariums at fantastic prices. Why not take a look at our great range and find your ideal gerbilarium?

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