Although the species is often called the golden hamster, there are many breeders who have developed numerous different coloured varieties of this kind natured creature. The original golden-brown which is still considered the healthiest and longest lived variety has been modified to produce hues ranging from golden, honey through to cinnamon and also cream and blonde coloured.

There are also black hamsters, whites and several shades of grey. In addition there are also patterned type hamsters including tortoiseshell or calico these have large patches of white, yellow and a third colour, you also have banded hamster with a colour band around there bodies. The eyes of the hamster could be pink, red or black.

Most hamsters are short haired, however breeders have developed other varieties, any of which can appear in any colour, satin hamsters are short haired and very smooth with shiny fur. The rexe hamster has tousled, wavy coat, with curly whiskers. The most popular coat variant is the long-haired hamster and are really cute balls of fluff! These are also known as Angora or Teddy Bear hamsters. These particular breeds do need a lot of grooming and care. They are not equipped to groom so hamsters need brushing regularly as if you don’t there coats become matted and look a tangled mess.

In recent years, several species of dwarf hamsters which have become available to pet owners, notably these are Chinese, Russian and Roborowskis. Resembling tailess mice, they are delightful pets to have, but are less friendly and harder than golden hamsters. They are very fast moving and capable of leaping high and have a very different lifestyle compared to the golden. Golden are best kept on there own,were as dwarf are sociable and need to be kept in pairs or colonies. Any mistake in sexing your dwarf hamsters, therefore can leave you overrun with babies. They are also quarrelsome.

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