Hamster Homes

Hamster Homes

Choosing a Hamster Home

There’s nothing more exciting than going shopping for hamster homes if you’re yet to buy your new pet. There are so many things to think about: size, colour, type of cage – not to mention all the accessories your new hamster will need to keep him occupied!

Hamsters make great household pets. They’re easy and cheap to care for, plus they make an ideal first pet for a child. However, cute and adorable though hamsters are, they’re also devious little escape artists and will chew their way out of almost anything given the chance! Requiring only the smallest of spaces to squeeze out of – hamsters are very flexible – means that you should always be aware of security when shopping for hamster homes.

Which is why The Pet Warehouse are the perfect choice for all your hamster’s needs; we offer a huge range of top quality hamster homes and cages so that you can rest assured you won’t be searching high and low for your new pet! Our hamster homes are designed with you and your hamster in mind. Quality and value mean that both you and your wallet are happy, while excellent visibility and comfort mean that your new pet will be happy too!

Offering plastic cages and wire hamster homes means that you can choose the perfect style to suit you and your home. Our varied range includes three tier cages for entertainment and exploration, leading hamster brand Habitrail tanks and hamster homes designed specifically for dwarf hamsters. With plenty of different styles to choose from, including contemporary and petite, it’s only choosing one of our hamster homes that will cause you difficulty!

Most of the hamster homes available from The Pet Warehouse include exercise wheels, food bowls and water bowls to provide you with everything you need for your new pet. We also offer a great range of accessories, toys and treats to give your hamster a luxury lifestyle.

Hamster Homes

Take a look at our great range of hamster homes and see how The Pet Warehouse can help you design the perfect home for your new pet. Don’t forget that we also provide portable hamster homes for when your pet is going to the vet or needs moving to a new home.
With plenty of great offers and products available, there’s no need to go looking anywhere else!

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