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Gerbils naturally love to burrow. In the wild, gerbils dig systems of tunnels to keep them safe from predators, so the freedom and space to dig is an essential part of any gerbilarium. Cages and housing designed for hamsters and mice are generally unsuitable for gerbils; not only is room required for burrowing, gerbils have incredibly sharp teeth which can gnaw through pretty much anything. Because many hamster cages are made from plastic, this poses an extra security risk and is highly toxic to the gerbil if it is ingested.

Here at The Pet Warehouse choice and variety isn’t a problem! We provide a selection of gerbilariums which cater for their every need – including digging! Designed especially with strength and durability in mind to withstand gerbils’ gnawing teeth, our gerbilariums offer style and plenty of space for your gerbil to run around.

Sociable and friendly, gerbils make great pets – they love the company of humans and other gerbils, and rarely attack unless provoked. However, if you’re thinking of breeding your pet, it’s important to use the ‘split tank’ method if introducing gerbils from other litters; gerbils rely largely on their sense of smell to identify others from their litter and have been known to attack those with an unfamiliar scent. The ‘split tank’ method involves splitting a tank into two halves and keeping the unfamiliar gerbils in one half, separate to the other, and then switching them for half to half several times a day. This allows them to get used to the scent of each other and will make them less hostile when they eventually meet.

Our gerbilariums are perfect to use with the ‘split tank’ method and so make it easy if you’re planning on owning more than one gerbil or have intentions to breed them in the future. Including food and water dishes and a designated sleeping area, with our gerbilarium we provide you and your gerbil with everything you need to get started – but there’s plenty more available too!

From chew tubes to tunnels and treats to funky pet houses, we provide a great range of products that provide hours of entertainment that your gerbil will love. Additionally, we also provide bed litter and nutritionally complete food that will keep your pet in the best of health.

So if you’re thinking of buying a gerbil, trust The Pet Warehouse for all your pet’s needs.

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