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Gerbils are widely known for their chewing and gnawing, which is why gerbilariums are a perfect alternative to a gerbil cage. The Rosewood Abode Gerbilarium is made from strong, durable plastic which can withstand gerbils’ gnawing while providing a safe and light environment for your gerbil to leave in. What’s more, these gerbilariums only feature a few bars on the roof of the tank to provide ventilation – highly reducing the likelihood of your gerbil chewing the bars.

Gerbilariums Should Feature Space to Burrow

Gerbilariums should always feature an adequate area to fill with sawdust or sand where your gerbil can dig and burrow. Besides the option to burrow, gerbils should also be given bedding that they can ‘nest’ in – specialised gerbil bedding or even shredded kitchen roll works perfectly. Avoid using newspapers and cotton wool – newspaper ink is toxic and cotton wool can cause a blockage if swallowed.
It should also contain a designated sleeping area for your gerbil which is sheltered from light; gerbils go through several waking and sleeping patterns through the day so their sleeping area should be as private and cosy as possible.
When it comes to the issue of chewing bars, it may not always be practical to buy a fully plastic gerbilarium. Placing chew toys and treats in your gerbilarium or cage will help to keep your gerbil occupied and prevent them from chewing the bars. Please be aware that if a gerbil does chew on the bars of their cage, it can damage their teeth – not to mention being very noisy so bare this in mind if your gerbilarium will be placed in a bedroom.

Great Value Pet Supplies

Gerbilariums should be placed out of direct sunlight in rooms where there isn’t too much noise. Harsh temperature changes should also be avoided; temperatures that are too low can send your gerbil into hibernation. Ideally gerbils should be kept in an environment of average room temperature – between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius.

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