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Top Quality Gerbilariums!

A gerbilarium is a pet cage that has been specifically designed with gerbils in mind; providing them with plenty of space for the things they love to do. The key difference between gerbilariums and other cages such as hamster and mouse cages is that gerbilariums provide plenty of depth that allow gerbils to burrow. As they would do this in the wild, it is essential that your gerbil is given the freedom to burrow; not only does it keep them happy but it provides them with exercise too! Gerbilariums need to simulate a gerbil’s natural environment so it’s important that when you’re looking for a cage that it has this feature.

Gerbils Need Space To Play and Burrow

Gerbils are easy to care for and can become very time when handing correctly and regularly. Social animals, they enjoy the company of other gerbils and humans; though gerbils should be kept in single sex groups to prevent an unexpected litter on your hands! Gerbils can also become territorial so remember to introduce gerbils to each other gradually.
If you do choose to keep your gerbil as a solitary pet, there are plenty of gerbilariums that offer a range of features to keep your pet happy – and that includes the range available from The Pet Warehouse! Our gerbilariums benefit from a designated sleeping area to provide your gerbil with a warm and cosy place to sleep and hide; a ladder to the higher level to encourage exercise and an all plastic tank with plenty of space and depth for your gerbil to burrow for hours!
Of course you want to buy the highest quality products for your pet and you can rest assured that all of the pet supplies available from The Pet Warehouse are manufactured to the highest standards. This is especially important when looking for gerbilariums; gerbils are highly enthusiastic chewers and can make their way through pretty much anything – but that’s not a problem because all of our tanks are extra strong and durable to withstand gerbils’ teeth and are virtually gnaw proof.

Discover our Excellent Range of Gerbilariums

Our gerbilariums are stylish and sleek so not only do they provide a fantastic home for your gerbil but they make as great feature in your home too! So why look anywhere else when the selection offered by The Pet Warehouse is expansive and, more importantly, excellent value – with huge savings from the retail price, you can’t afford to go anywhere else!

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